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Q & A

No surprises, except the good ones.
Here are a few answers to questions we are often asked.

Do I have a choice about my print book's design and layout?

Yes. Every book is custom designed and made to order. There are many options we decide with you at the very beginning of your project.

Books are crafted in many shapes, sizes and number of pages, hard covers with dust wrap, image wrap covers
or soft covers. Together we will consider the right specifications for your project goals and budget.

When there are a few alternatives to look at, we supply mockups from which you can better decide.

Custom Made Books

Who owns the copyright of my finished print book?

You do. 100%.

All Pre-press documents and rights to publish are yours upon fulfillment of your contract with Megastar Publishing. 


How is my manuscript protected when I submit it to Megastar?

We have a very simple, non-compete agreement which allows us to read-only your manuscript. Also protected, if your book is to include images, photographic - graphic - illustrative, we would like to be able to see a few samples upfront.

Once we have reviewed, our team can offer you guidance for choosing among various options, offer suggestions based upon the kind of book you want to make and outline a creative production strategy.

Your manuscript and Megastar.?

I have written a children's book that I want illustrated.

Music to our ears as we love beautiful children's Picture Books. Some clients already have an illustrator they want to work with, and that's just fine. If you do not have a specific illustrator in mind, it is helpful for you to  provide  examples of a few illustrative styles you like and we'll take it from there.

Many children's books require original character/s development which may determine choosing an illustrator. We like to begin with thumbnail sketches and a rough storyboard.


Book illustration, character development, manuscript storyboard

I am a visual artist / photographer and would like to publish a catalog of my work.

Art books are our specialty.

Our technical production team is very particular with details. We provide skilled image adjustment for color and resolution based upon the files you provide to insure the very best print reproduction on a paper of your choice.
 It is best to work with the printing sources, digital or offset, with whom we are familiar. However, we can work with your press given the proper profiles. But that's too technical for right now!

Art books - our specialty at Megastar Publishing

How much does making a book cost?

Well, this is the million dollar question not easily answered here. There are two main factors involved. The first gets your book ready for press and involves edit, design, layout and document production. The second involves the actual printing. A per book cost is determined by factors such as: type of book, number of pages, type of paper, type of press and quantity.

Soon after you contact us and we have had a chance to chat about your project we can provide you with
budget options based upon either a full service plan or à la carte services.


Hello. I am self-publishing a medical / scientific / technical book with illustrations .

We have published scientific, medical and technical books, journals, abstracts and papers, in print and online, for professionals such as yourself. 

We would be happy to provide you more detailed information about our services specific to academic publications.


Medical, scientific and technical publications by Megastar Publishing

Can I cancel a publishing project at anytime? Will I get a refund?

We don't take every project that comes our way.

If we feel we have a really good fit with a publishing project and are confident we can meet our client's expectations, we proceed to contract based upon an approved quotation.

Our terms are simple and straightforward. Our clients have the opportunity to approve work at various stages. One time, reasonable client corrections and changes are provided within your contract. 

You will be responsible for an initial deposit to begin. As work proceeds on your project you will be required to make additional incremental payments.

Yes, you can stop production at anytime, up until pre-press and printing, without refund.

Working with Megastar Publishing

"In order to get ahead, you have to get started." ~ Mark Twain


To start the ball rolling  please complete this    Query Form and Submit.


Please describe your publishing project in a few words. If you have a sample manuscript and/or related images you can upload them within the form. (.doc and .jpg only)

We will respond via email.

Upload File

Thank you. We received your submission. We will email you once we have reviewed

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