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Industry publishing partners

Our industry partners.

Since we began publishing 25 years ago, technologies certainly have changed making it possible now for independent storytellers to affordably publish their work - in volume quantities or just one at a time through print on demand.

At Megastar we know the ins and outs of taking a publishing project all the way from manuscript to layout and design through document prep and onto press.

Delivered to your doorstep.

Delivered to your doorstep.

Once your book document is ready to go to press, you can choose to use your preferred print sources or, like most of our clients, just want us to handle through our trusted partners.

We enjoy working with the people at Blurb Books as our 'print-on-demand' go to partner.  

For books best suited for traditional offset printing and binding, i.e. exceeding 400 pages, minimum 1,000 quantities, we work with sources we know we can depend upon.  

Delivered to your desktop.

+ Delivered to your desktop.

Your printbook converted to an ebook is a valuable asset that you can distribute through Social Share and embed on your website.

Ebooks can have interactive options which enhance the viewers experience  of your book,  i.e. flip to touch pages, even animation, video and audio customizations.

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